Kate Roffey

Kate has extensive experience within the commercial, government, sport and not-for-profit sectors, providing high-level expertise in strategic and operational planning and delivery, stakeholder management, organisational change management and political strategy.

Kate is the former CEO of the Committee for Melbourne, a high profile civic leadership role that advocated for the long-term development of greater Melbourne from an economic and liveability perspective.

Prior to joining the Committee, Kate worked with Tennis Australia managing the Melbourne Park Redevelopment and played a leadership role in developing the Masterplan vision for the redevelopment, securing $950 million in government funding for the 12-year build, and renegotiating the commercial and operational agreements underpinning the Australian Open Grand Slam.

As part of her role at Tennis Australia, Kate travelled extensively to world leading sports and entertainment venues to gain a cutting-edge understanding of international best practice in facility design, city integration and organisational management. Throughout her travels, she spent time with leading organisations such as the New York Yankees, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Manchester United FC, Arsenal FC, LA Live and Madison Square Garden. 

Kate says:

“As a lover of all sports and someone who has done a number
of major sport development master plans, being involved in a cutting edge
sporting development that brings an innovative new way of thinking about
funding stadium builds is perfect for me.”

“I was completely captivated by the Asian Cup, a great
international sporting event that came to Melbourne and Victoria – the sporting
capital of the world.”

“As one of the fastest growing regions in Australia we have
a population who are not just wanting – but are demanding – a development like
this. We want our own major league team to support and show our pride in the wonderful

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