WE ARE WEST – An Open Letter to the Football Fan

The West is not just a place, it’s an attitude people want to identify with. It embraces diversity, it’s proud of our many histories and excited about the future.

Our supporters aren’t just people in the West, they are the people who feel the West in their heart.

The West side of Melbourne carries a culture that says no one gifted me this opportunity, I earned it. Our strengths come from our weaknesses. Our colour is not one colour, its shades are global. They’re real locals, even if they originate from somewhere else in this world.

Western Melbourne will look to draw on the essence and character of ‘The West’ and build something that has never been done in Football at an A-League or W-League level. Our game, Football, for the first time will own its own stadium and facilities in these competitions. This cannot be taken lightly and is at the very foundation of everything we aspire to be. Our stadium will be Football First!

Every bid and region can claim to have the metrics, population, diversity, passion, and participants, but we have focused on delivering what is best for the game. No doubt any new stadium will bring economic and cultural benefits to their region, but let’s not argue about who is more deserving, let’s focus on what is best for Football.

We will fund the entire construction with private investment so that Government money can be used where it is needed most, for the community clubs that have girls and boys missing out on playing our beautiful game every year because of a lack of grounds and facilities. This is what needs to be addressed as a priority for our game to grow and to ensure we continue to have a pathway for our future Matildas and Socceroos.

Every week, we read in the press and see on our screens stories about poor playing surfaces, unfair scheduling due to other events and sports, active areas not treated with support and respect, poor sightlines for football…. we could go on.

Our vision is to be the solution for our sport. The Wyndham stadium concept changes the way major sports stadium operate in Australia. Football will have total control over all of our venue, our playing surface, our scheduling and our sightlines – we will be able to create a match day experience unlike any other in this country. We have also consulted with Wyndham Council and guaranteed ample grounds and areas for community use. This was fundamental so that we can give back our region and its clubs.

Everyone involved in making decisions for this bid has a history steeped in Football. It runs in our blood. We talk about it every day and we promise to make every decision for the good of the game.

This is our dream, Pure Football.

Western Melbourne

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